The Artist Discussions…a project of LOCALPittsburgh, and LOCALArt magazines, with john eastman studios. The Artist Discussions will feature interviews and discussions with artists, chef’s, musicians, architects, and designers in a freeform platform, consisting of studio visits, art-work site visits, and general roaming around intermingling with the arts, culture, and design in a wide based geographical area. Discussions will be presented in print, web-based articles and video, and podcasts. Look for our first artist discussion in October 2018.

John Eastman (John Eastman Studios – www.johneastmanstudios.com) is a Pittsburgh-based abstract artist, working in multiple mediums of painting, wood, and sheet metal building installations. He spent 30 years in the creative tech industry, providing creative strategy, web asset design, and Content Development-Publishing for NYC firms and others across the U.S. His artistic career commenced in 2002.

Jeff Rose is founder and publisher of two online and print publications. LOCALPittsburgh, and LOCALArt.  Jeff, a first time magazine publisher who started in 2012, has build LOCALPittsburgh and LocalArt into bustling and growing publications, reaching 10,000 readers monthly. Both of the magazines are available in online and print formats.

History of The Artist Discussions…Jeff Rose and John Eastman, co-founders and Executive Producers of The Artist Discussions, were talking at a social event in July of 2018 and the subject turned to interviewing artists. They refined the idea into discussions in a open platform type of setting and decided to do three pilots to gain knowledge, understanding, and gauge interest in this type of publication. In August, the project commenced it’s first interview with publication in October of 2018. Additional interviews with artists are scheduled for November and December 2018.

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